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Sunday Market

Imagine the biggest street fair of the year in your town. It’s probably once a year, right? In Chiang Mai they put one on EVERY Sunday. And it’s not even the only one. There are other night markets and bazaars throughout the week. The Sunday Walking Market seems to be growing all the time. Published info says its runs 4-midnight but I saw stalls up and running by noon. And it has spread into all the side streets too. There are literally thousands of people walking the narrow space down the middle of the street. Arts and crafts, tribal creations, bric-a-brac, toys, clothing, music, food – all the usual street fair things. My pictures are from the side spaces where it wasn’t crowded.

I love this lady’s lacquerware.
This lady was making mango salads with your choice of ingredients.


Cool Capri shorts with decorative fabric sewn at the waist band.

Gorgeous pillow cases and bed covers