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I’m up north in Chiang Mai, Thailand now and I’ve taken so many photos and have so much to share! I have only been on this trip for five days and my mind is blown already. I will have many posts coming soon – I just need to (oh, well!) spend some time relaxing by the pool or something to get them uploaded. So stay tuned and I will get to work. But it’s really not “work” it’s a lot of fun – just takes down time.

Here’s a few pics to hold you over!

Early this morning I walked across town and one of the Wats I visited was the oldest in town. It was so early that a bunch of stray dogs from town were still zonked out on the grass. I had the place all to myself.

Who doesn’t love elephants? I love how they are represented in each temple. I will need to do some homework and read more about their significance.

There are plumeria trees EVERYWHERE. I love it! In fact when I stepped out of the airport, the warm humid evening, lush green everywhere, laid back vibe and flowers galore made me feel like I just landed in Hawaii.