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Bangkok, continued

Some additional shots from Bangkok…

Wat Pho
The reclining Buddha at Wat Pho – for scale, see the people in the lower right corner. He is quite breathtaking in person!
Close up of Buddha’s spiral footprint
Close up of mother-of-pearl inlay on his feet
One of the guardian statues near the entrance of Wat Pho
I have seen this arrangement of Buddha figures at more than one Wat
Bangkok skyline. This view probably didn’t exist 20 years ago. But the city has tried to turn around its air pollution problem by planting massive amounts of trees along streets and by making natural gas available for automobiles.
Water Delivery System: I decided on this trip to bring a small Camelbak. The heat, the need for a compact bag and the possibility of being in remote areas with no 7-11 in sight made me think this might be the way to go. So far I like it. You don’t need a full size daypack in these parts and the water actually stays cooler longer.
There are a few different types of water taxi along the river. This is the tourist class boat. Tickets are less than $2, and there are announcements in English.
View of Wat Arun from the river.
Detail of Wat Arun
Many of the school kids are on break and one activity for boys is a sort of “monk camp”. For a couple weeks they come to a Wat and learn about being a monk. They get pizza for lunch in Bangkok, too!
My half-day bike tour through Intrepid took us through many non-tourist areas of the city, including some floating neighborhoods on the other side of the river.
On the way to set up for night market…
Passed by some kids getting ready for a parade
There are not as many American fast food places as I imagined there would be. McDonalds isn’t even that common. In Thailand, Ronald is given a bright smiley face and the hands position when saying “thank you”.
Spent a little time in Chinatown – very much like LA’s.
Making pancakes…and she even has a small batch of cocktail sausages. Do you think they call them pigs in a blanket, too?!
Cooking up some….quail eggs maybe?
There were quite a few of these pomegranate juice carts around. Can you just imagine the effort it takes to squeeze a whole bottle’s worth of juice from these? Not an easy gig.
A very nice looking crab cart.



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