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Local Eats

I’ve been enjoying pad see ew for breakfast. How lucky am I?


Another delicious fruit here is the mangosteen. Amazing!!


A classic Thai dessert is mango with sticky rice. I have also had it on the side at breakfast. The mango here is outstanding. You simply can’t get enough. Take a bite of sweet juicy mango with a little bit of sticky rice – gooey with a hint of salt. It’s a great combination! And here you also see the peeled back mangosteen. They are very easy to peel and the fruit inside is sectioned like an orange but tastes like a plum I suppose.


I had more khao soi for lunch. This was at a locals kind of joint with no English that I read about on a blog where people were comparing the best in town. It seems there is not only a local but practically worldwide obsession with khao soi. It is the signature dish here but it’s hard to come by at Thai restaurants elsewhere. I read on one person’s post that coming to Chiang Mai and not having khao soi is like going to Texas and not trying barbeque. My bowl of khao soi today had a chicken leg in it on the bone (or rather, falling off the bone it was so tender).


Khao soi comes with a small condiment plate. Some places have an elaborate setup of ingredients but the classic plate has small shallots, lime and pickled cabbage. Mine also had fresh cabbage.


Everyone freaks out about water and ice but if you get the round ice with a hole in it you’re fine. That is factory ice that gets delivered each morning, not ice they make themselves. And who wants to drink a Soda without ice??


The local brew, besides Singha, is Chang (I think that means ‘elephant’)


It’s fun to check out the 7-11 for what flavor of chips the locals like. Out of all the funky flavors I’ve seen in the world, Lobster Hot Plate is the weirdest yet!