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Hanoi Comes Alive

Hanoi, Vietnam, my next world capital… This is one unreal place. And I thought Bangkok was pumping! To be fair, I am staying in the Old Quarter, which is overrun with motorbikes and everything and everyone spilled out onto every sidewalk. And the streets are a labyrinth – I don’t dare leave the hotel without a map and a compass (seriously!). But once I took my first walk around, the shock wore off and I started to see some amazing things. And outside of the Old Quarter Hanoi is a little less insane.




In place of a rolling street food cart, many ‘chefs’ just carry everything they need around on a bamboo pole – wok or grill on one side, ingredients on the other







at dusk this plaza near the lake was bustling with families, young kids and teenagers with skateboards, etc.

these little cars are remote controlled

A bunch of people had set up badminton nets for this sort of hackney-sack volleyball action. There were also just regular badminton games.