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Angkor, Day 2

Morning at the south entrance to Angkor Thom. Another representation of the myth The Churning of the Ocean of Milk. Some of the deva heads (here) and the aspara heads on the other side have been restored.


Some of the many face towers at Bayon, each face pointing in a cardinal direction.




The larger temple sites that I’m now viewing have more and better preserved bas-relief carvings. Most of them depict battles but some show some daily life and spiritual beliefs.



One of the famous strangler fig trees at Ta Prohm.


Ta Prohm


Hidden carvings below the Leper King Terrace


A restored lion shows what Angkor might have looked like for the first hundred years or so.


The largest and most popular temple, Angkor Wat. It is enormous compared to all the others. This is just a small section.



Quite a few monkeys roaming around. I kept my distance but the Japanese tourists practically tried to pick them up! Not a good idea…


The bas-relief panels at Angkor Wat are extensive and well preserved.