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Day Off

Climbing around Angkor is pretty tiring. I am lucky enough to have some time off between exploring. Here are some non-temple shots.  Above is my hotel’s pool. It’s really getting in to low season around here. You can easily have it all to yourself.

There are so many gorgeous butterflies and dragonflies here. All different colors and sizes.


These dragonflies would disguise themselves as leaves when they landed.


My favorite beverage here in Cambodia has to be lime soda. They bring you a glass of ice with fresh squeezed lime, you add your soda water and simple sugar, if any, to your liking.


I’m not necessarily vegetarian but I love a good tofu dish. Here is tofu satay. Skewers of firm tofu, with turmeric, grilled and covered with a light peanut sauce.


This is one of the specialties up at the Sugar Palm restaurant here in Siem Reap. Eggplant with minced pork in oyster sauce.


A local banana tree


The oranges here are actually green skinned.


At one of the local village homes, they have a sistern to capture rainwater for washing clothes and bathing. They also have a groundwater well (on the left) but due to human use of the land, the water table is polluted. So that water is boiled before use or put into a water filter on the right to be purified. This filter says it was a donation from the Villa Siem Reap, a local hotel.