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Despite the French rail strike, I managed to arrive in Avignon, France, in good time from Annecy today. 

The Palace of the Popes (above) is the main landmark of Avignon and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was home to seven consecutive Popes during the 1300s. 

The remaining portion of the Pont St-Bénézet over the Rhone River:

Opposite the Palace of the Popes is “the Old Mint”. I read that it has lately served as a music academy:

France has no shortage of hat shops. Here’s my favorite so far:

Still a fair number of cobblestone streets here. Leave those sexy but uncomfortable shoes at home:

Found this door, with instructions on how many tolls of the bell correspond to the party you are ringing:

My hotel, L’Horloge right on one of the main squares. Very nice:

The walnut doors to the Chapel of St. Pierre. A nice 3-d version of the Annunciation:

A beautiful small square next to the Chapel: