About Me

I live and work in Los Angeles but almost all my time off is spent traveling near and far.

My rules: pack light, take a ton of photos (Canon G12) and eat like a local.

I hope you enjoy this journey through my lens (and taste buds!).


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  1. Thanks, Karen! Great to meet you guys on such a fun outing. I’ll see you on my cross-country road trip!

  2. Karen Bartoletti

    Greetings from your Hanoi Cooking Centre bud, now back in Austin, Texas.

    Julie, you’re an ARTISTE. Photos are beautiful . . . really beautiful. Holler if you ever make it to Austin. Karen Bartoletti

  3. Abby

    Impressive photography Julie! Looking forward to more posts…

  4. steve perron l.a. bud...bula

    look forward to your post…nice start 4-10-12

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