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Despite the French rail strike, I managed to arrive in Avignon, France, in good time from Annecy today.  The Palace of the Popes (above) is the main landmark of Avignon and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was home to … Continue reading

My tuk-tuk driver for Siem Reap, Kean. © 2012 . All rights reserved.


My time in Siem Reap, Cambodia, is coming to an end so I wanted to give a shout out to my super awesome tuk-tuk driver, Kean! A hard worker, all business, always on time and a very nice young man. … Continue reading

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Day Off

Climbing around Angkor is pretty tiring. I am lucky enough to have some time off between exploring. Here are some non-temple shots.  Above is my hotel’s pool. It’s really getting in to low season around here. You can easily have it … Continue reading

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Officially it’s Ho Chi Minh City but most everyone still calls it Saigon. The heart of the city is more international and modern than Hanoi, while still keeping grounded in lots of Vietnam flavor. I was impressed with Saigon’s green … Continue reading

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Wat 101

  If you would like to know more detail, here is a nice explanation of a wat from the website I find them extremely similar to visiting chapels in Italy, Spain or France. Except instead of Jesus, it is … Continue reading

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Around Town

The local Wats (temple sites) are quite photogenic and there is no shortage of opportunity – the Chiang Mai area alone has around 200 of them. I will post highlights from those soon. But here are some random shots from … Continue reading